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Past Works Gallery- Will Take Orders

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


  1. Hi, got here from HAF. Love the idea of all-Halloween, all the time! It's my favorite holiday. I see you sell in Pennsylvania and Ohio... have you ever thought about NJ? I don't know how far you are and if it'd be worth it. There's a guy here who runs the Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire ( Vendor spaces are apparently sold out for this February, but you might be a hit if you got in next year. He's big on the Halloween too; he's running a small fundraising event this Sunday called Halloween in December (I'll be selling my Reef Botanicals soaps). There's a link to that event in my blog at Just thought his venues might be good for you and I've seen nothing else like your stuff there.

  2. Thanks LArissa will check it out. I am in in NC. Sorry I took sol long to respond but this is the first time my comment forms are working here LOL