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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Make Your Own Halloween Cat Mask

Halloween Cat Mask

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Materials and Tools:

plastic eye mask
foam from waffle mattress pad
razor blade/scissors
soldering iron
black and gold spray paint
Apoxie Sculpt as a base material (liquid latex)
paintbrush and sponge
spray glue
spray gloss sealer
purple, pink and silver nail polish
cardboard box
dust mask
black permanent marker
felt, elastic, ribbon
fabric glue

Step 1


1. Place a store-bought plastic mask onto a piece of foam from a waffle mattress pad. Trace the outline of the mask on the foam with a permanent black marker.

Step 2

2. Sketch the eyes, nose, and mouth and face patterns on the foam.

Step 3

3. Cut out the foam pieces. Sculpt each piece with scissors before gluing onto the plastic mask.

Step 4

4. Glue the sculpted pieces on the mask with fabric glue.

Step 5

5. With a soldering iron or wood burner, burn scroll and line patterns onto the foam. Wear a dust mask or respirator.

Steps 6-8

6. Coat the mask with spray adhesive.

7. Sponge on liquid latex with a scrap piece of foam. Wait for it to dry.

8. Coat the Halloween mask with spray adhesive again.

Step 9

9. Wear a dust mask. Place the mask in a cardboard box. Spray paint the entire piece black. Allow to dry.

Steps 11-12

10. Mist the Halloween cat mask with gold spray paint.

11. Apply purple, pink and silver metallic fingernail polish to add highlights to the eyes, mouth and cheeks.

12. Spray a gloss sealer all over the mask.

Steps 13-14

13. Remove the existing elastic strap from the mask.

14. Staple white elastic to each side.

Steps 15-17

15. Tie a ribbon on one side, where the elastic is attached. The other side is tied when it is put on to wear. This is a decorative element to cover the elastic strap.

16. Cut felt to fit inside the cat mask for comfort.

17. Glue felt on the inside of the mask for a nice finished look for your Halloween cat mask.

Halloween Cat Mask designed by Lyn Marie Neuenfeldt from Milwaukee, Wis.

Ever since Lyn Marie’s grandfather took her to see a horror movie at the age of 5, monsters and monster masks have fascinated her. One time, she tried to cast a plaster mask on her brother, but he ended up in the emergency room with doctors removing the plaster from his face. She now happily works as a special effects artist in Milwaukee, specializing in monsters.


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