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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Primitive Pumpkin Sentinel RHP Original

So I woke up with this nagging feeling since yesterday to make this doll. this pic was taken around 7 AM. I started making the wire armature and putting floral tape around it to hold it together.
You can see it took a while. It was like 11AM when I got done wrapping and making armature....I am still in jammies at this point.....I had to do this though was bugging me.....
Then I painted the armature and it being 100 degrees today, it dried quickly. Then I added his chest cavity shown here. Eventually his other parts were added but I didn't take pics as you can see what my hands looks like and they still are stained this way.....See pic below.....

Ok this is the cone he holds. it has a battery operated tea light in it. Looks kewl in the dark as I punched holes through the cone and the light peeks through them. The cone I painted orange for color and "pop" and then the holes I dotted black as well as the trim and handle....
The Pumpkin Sentinel has a full wire armature body and arms and fingers--no legs----He can be ent and posed. His armature was painted black then stained over that. It has all been wrapped in floral tape. His chest cavity is made from muslin, lightly stuffed and painted gray with black ribs then attached to the armature.
If you look at this side pic, the armature is like a hand and grabs his head, holding it in place. I also sewed it donw so it doesn't come out. Has a black grubby cheescloth cloak held by 2 rusty safety pins in the front.
The wind was blowing in this pic giving him the illusion of flying. His head is round and painted orange, his stem is twisted grubby black cheesecloth. His eyes and mouth are pieced onto the doll. Painted black and then dotted with a yellow eye if you look close. I just wanted a hint of an eye.

He has eerie grippy hands for holding things and a hanger on back for hanging in your spooky home this fall or I personally would keep him out year long........A Rabbit Hollow Prims design......
$40 + Travelin Fare
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