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Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Way to Carve a Pumpkin

I used to teach science and we did all these kewl experiments with the kids. I had just as much fun as they did and time flew by.

Halloween Science Recipes Looking for a recipe to spice up your Halloween party?
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Halloween Science Recipes

Planning a Halloween party or need ideas for a kids' Halloween party? Try mixing up a batch of gross slime or a bubbling dry ice potion. For a spooky party, turn off the lights and watch the atomic slime and worms glow. Or write hidden messages and make Halloween sounds.

Halloween is the perfect time for oozing, bubbling. slimy mixtures and it's the perfect opportunity to have some Halloween science fun.

We have all of the Halloween party supplies you will need to have the best party on the block.

Halloween is a wonderful excuse to fill the cooler with dry ice and get ready for a day filled with "ooze" and ahhhs!

Here are links to Steve Spangler's most popular Halloween science activities and videos:

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