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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

60 Teen and Adult Halloween Games

Halloween Party Games for Teens and Grown Ups

There are still some silly and spooky games here but most of these Halloween Party Games and various Halloween food eating games, active and scavenger hunts that are best suited for teens and adults Halloween parties and events. 

Halloween Games

Halloween Games

Complete List of Over 60 Halloween Games
Children's Halloween Games - Not so spooky games for the 3 - 7 crowd
Halloween Games - Pumpkin Bowling, Bingo, Hunts and more
More Halloween Games - Spiders, Scarecrow, Ghosts, Halloween Story game and more
Scary & Gross Halloween Games - Gross food games, scary stories, scavenger hunts...
Printable Halloween Games - Just buy, print and play
Halloween Murder Mystery - Variety of mysteries for teens and adults
Halloween Costumes - Baby, Kids, Men, Women, and Pets
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Halloween Party Games include name, supplies and how to play. For party games that go into more detail, variations and whether it is a printable game just click on the link.

Scary Halloween Story - My Dear Late Lamented Friend or Miserly Man

Supplies: Two Olives for eyes, Wire Frames from old glasses (optional), Cooked cold spaghetti - intestines, Cold oiled dirty plastic – skin, Un-Popped Popcorn (10-15) – teeth and more 

This scary gross food passing classic is great for kids and adults. Our poor friend has passed away and the only thing left are his body parts. We have a complete story for you to tell.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Connie S.

Tragic Sam

Supplies: cooked spaghetti or cooked cauliflower, peeled tomato, peeled grapes, popcorn kernels, baby carrots, spam, pen and paper, bags or bowls 

Tragic Sam has passed away but he still is with us, but can you identify what items are his eyes, brains, heart or fingers. Lower the lights and get ready for ghoulish good time.
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Abbey

Halloween Treasure Hunt Game

Supplies: Logically laid out clues and treasure

One of our visitors laid out a variety of clues for a Halloween treasure hunt and all you need to do is modify the clues, create a map and hide the treasure!
Game details and instructions
Thanks, Elaine from Georgia

Find the rest of the list here:

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