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Saturday, July 3, 2010

How Do You Celebrate Halloween?

I know myself, I just got rid of the cheap dollar store decorations and started making my own and buying reproduction and vintage items to display in my home.
I started making vignettes on top of tables, in front of the fireplace and on the fireplace mantle. 
There are many great sites online if you google vintage Halloween that you can be on here for days.
I also started making my kids Halloween costumes instead of buying them in the store.  The kids get so many compliments on them.  Last year they went as karate kids.  The year before they went as a cowboy and firemen.
I still get a flutter when it is time to go trick or treating.  It brings back so many memories from my childhood.
My younger son never fails when it gets dark, he doesn't care how much candy he could get, the monsters are out to get him and he wants to go home LOL  We never fail to come out with a big pillowcase of candy anyway. I say pillowcase because that is what we use instead of the store bought plastic junk.
Maybe this year I will go to or have an adult Halloween party, should be fun.....
Soooo how do you celebrate Halloween?

1 comment:

  1. I am afraid that my son is too old this year to trick or treat and Halloween in the UK just isn't what we are used to back home. I have always made my own costumes (when I was old enough) and those for the kids. To me the fun is coming up with an idea and then finding all the parts to make it happen. We used to go trick or treating tin the historic distric of Fayetteville. Old victorian houses all fixed up for the evening...what a treat! Old uneven sidewalks, lots of fallen leaves and tons of families all out enjoying the atmosphere!