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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Vintage Halloween

So I love to collect vintage Halloween items and I wanted to give you some websites in case you also like to do that too.  I have just started my collection and last year I bought some things in Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx and Marshall's but online here is some nice places to visit.

This first store has vintage cardboard decorations, signs, old repro games, etc...

Ok this is a how to but want to try it out:

Chandelier Shades and Party Favors How-To
1.  Cover small balloons with one layer of orange tissue paper and one  layer of yellow. Trace silhouettes onto black tissue paper, and cut out  each of the shapes with a utility knife. Affix the silhouettes to  spheres with wheat paste.

2.  When the paste is dry, pop and remove balloons and enlarge knot holes.  For party favors, fill pumpkins with candy and tiny toys; paste a circle  of orange tissue paper over the hole. For chandelier shades, slip the  spheres over bulbs. Do not use bulbs of higher than 40 watts.

This next shop has loads of items but they are a bit pricey

Want yourself a nice new clutch>here you go...

You can purchase these here: They have 4 styles

Want to make some of your own vintage ornaments like these?

Check out this site for great tutorials..

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